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New Release

Not The Fighting Kind

There is no place for a dandy on a pirate ship... except, perhaps, for ransom.

Unlicensed Delivery

Basti finally has his ship --second hand, of course-- now all he needs is a crew, enough jobs to keep them spacebourne, and a Deep Space Travel License.

Welcome To Humanity

A sci-fi dystopian narrative where three people try to forge community and build relationships in the face of increading intolerance and fear.

Ravi had been Re-Animated, brought back to life for reasons unknown.

Dr Palmer finds paperwork that throws her entire life work into question.

And Blue lost everything to The Crash, but they gained something even greater: independence.

Guardian Cadet Series

An adult fantasy series with action adventure, heapings of magic, and a delightful heart-warming romance.

Merry wants to be a Guardian, there's just a few things standing in her way: her gender, her secret heritage, her penchant for questioning authority...

Will Soulsby-McCreath

Writer, Cosplayer, Unwarranted Advice Giver.

It’s pronounced “Souls-Bee-Muh-Kreth”

As a cosplayer, Table-Top Gaming nerd, and videogamer; fantastical worlds have been a staple of Will's life forever. They like to corrupt their friends into joining these pass-times, or at least reading their stories.

Obsessed with every way to tell a story and every possible use for one, Will had few choices other than becoming a writer. A little too nosy for their own good they like to invest their time fixing other people's problems, and when that doesn't work they hand out stories to make you feel better.