Will Soulsby-McCreath is absolutely not secretly 14 cats in a pair of dinosaur dungarees. They’re a completely human writer, cosplayer and unwarranted advice giver.

Will has been writing stories since they could string together sentences, and constructing them since well before. Even in this day and age, they’re never found far from a notebook, preferring to scribble ideas down long form – it’s the dyslexia.

As a cosplayer, Will enjoys making costumes and roleplaying a character. It’s like dressing up for grown-ups! One step down is playing too many Table Top Gaming campaigns. No costumes but still all play.

Problems are made to be solved, right? Will thinks so. They also think problems are made to be shared. And what better way to both solve and share problems than by giving advice about problems they themself have faced? Even if nobody asked for that advice.

When not writing, cosplaying, or dispensing advice, Will can usually be found at home with their equally nerdy wife and the one whirlwind of a cat that somehow escaped the dungarees.



They are a really good writer.
I follow them on Instagram.
Their advice can be really useful.
Will wrote a book all by themself! (It wasn’t all by myself, I had a lot of help, but this is a nice sentence to demonstrate the use of themself).

Anyone who likes fantasy (or sci-fi when that happens), challenging gender roles and expectations, conflict, and socially inept characters. Also, if you’re looking for LGBT+ representation, that is absolutely my domain!

I think I always knew? I remember in primary school I wanted to either be an author, an actor, or a vet. Then I realised how much death and ick and biology was involved with veterinary medicine so that went away. I realised that I liked amateur dramatics and drama clubs more than I would have liked being a professional actor, so author was the only option. I think 5 year old me would be proud.

Gaming. I’m a sucker for video games, board games, D&D. You name it I’ll play it - except monopoly. 

Cosplay, I love being part of a fanbase, making the costumes, going to events, making videos and taking photos. I just love everything about it, I’ve been cosplaying since I was 16 and I’ve shifted in and out of fandoms throughout that time. 

I also love just spending quality time with my wife, and squeezing time into everyone’s busy lives to spend time with friends. 

I didn’t even realise I was doing it until somebody pointed it out to me. Most writers draw on the reality they live in, my reality is filled with LGBTQ+ people so my books are too.

I have so many plans and ideas that I’m excited to share but… maybe when they’re a bit more solidly in the works than they are right now. There’s definitely more from Merry, a whole Science Fiction universe to explore, and maybe pirates (definitely pirates). The best way to keep up with my work is definitely via mailing list but if you’re super particular about what you like in your inbox (I get it, inboxes can be overwhelming), there’s always YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as my short story blog.

You can usually find me as @nopoodles [linktree link]– I use that pretty much everywhere but the specific places I’m currently active are Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

You can also read my weekly short stories for free, either click on the blog at the top of the page or head over to nopoodles.wordpress.com [also a link]
(why is it hosted by WordPress when I have a whole website here? Because .wordpress.com is a blogging sphere where people can make accounts specifically for the purpose of following your things, it’s like YouTube subscriptions with written words. And also because I started nopoodles.wordpress.com well before I had any ideas about websites. I might change it up at some point but for now, nopoodles.wordpress.com is staying exactly as it is.)

I don’t have a Patreon but I might make one if enough people express an interest in subscribing to one and I can come up with perks to offer that I can actually provide sustainably.

In the meantime the best ways to support me include:

  • Buying my books (when they're out)
  • Talking to your family, friends, and that co-worker you kinda tolerate about my books (if you think they’d be interested in them)
  • Interacting with my content (shares and comments are often the best way to boost your favourite small content creator)
  • And then, if you have a little cash to spare (which you probably do if you’re asking about Patreon), I do have a Ko-Fi account [linked here].