Unlicensed Delivery


The first in the Inter-Planetary Alliance novels, cozy space operas set in a world where the rules are strict to keep people safe, but  leave little room for individuality and case-by-case needs. Follow an adorable found family of space travellers as they try to navigate bureaucracy and budding relationships.

Basti needs 3 things to make his brand new– well, new to him –ship run:

Firstly, he needs enough of a crew to get them safely spacebourne. Luckily, with a medical officer for a husband, an engineer bestie from his uni days, and a half-sib who is one of the best pilot's in the galaxy, it seems he has all he needs there.

Secondly, a Deep Space Travel License – unless he wants to cart crap cargo for pitiful prices inside a single cluster for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, his pilot is a jokester, his engineer just got out of a long-term relationship, and his assessor is very particular about how he thinks Basti should run his ship.

And, finally, there needs to be enough jobs to keep the ship spacebourne... which he can't get without a license. Which he can't get without a job.

Nobody said IPA rules made sense.

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The birthday cake described is actually one my wife made for me for my 24th birthday.

The wordcount of this novel is 71,000 (at the average reading speed, this would take approximately 7 hours to read)

The page count of the paperback is 337 (of which 313 is the story)

References to people trafficking, and consensual scenes of intimacy.

The Wrexi people are highly misunderstood and often mistaken for pets, therefore Sauraxen almost gets abducted more than once.

Matter also has backstory involving having been trafficked for their Ouaeahhn nature. They were rescued by an IPA patrol and are in recovery.

The sex in Unlicensed Delivery is primarily fade to black and low-detail, however every official member of the ship's crew does, at one point or another, have (fade to black) sex.