Welcome To Humanity

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Set in a futuristic society where people were forced to leave a devastated Earth behind and set up their lives somewhere out amongst the stars. Three people wrestle with forging connections and building community in the face of intolerance and fear.

RAVI has been Re-Animated, brought back to life by the government for purposes unknown. When the Resistance raid the Re-Animation Centre halfway through his welcome to his new life, he's convinced that life is coming to a rapid close. Instead, in a single outstretched hand, they offer him a chance to live his new life outside the shadow of his old one.

But Ravi soon finds out his old life came to its own dramatic end trying to take out the Resistance itself.

Dr PALMER is the best at what she does. Has been ever since she first picked up a screwdriver. It’s why she was headhunted right out of her PhD. Now, working with a professor she adores on a top secret, cutting edge project, Dr Palmer has everything she ever wanted.
Until she finds paperwork that redefines the entire direction of her life. Leaving her questioning, how much of her humanity is she willing to sacrifice?

BLUE lost everything in The Crash. But they gained something even greater: independence.
All too soon, that independence is threatened by a new, rising faction of the military who believe that only natural born humans deserve human rights.
Forced into hiding, Blue begins to wonder if independence is worth the isolation that comes with it.

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I totally get it, that's why I've shared the entirety of chapter one on my short story site. Since there are three interwoven timelines in the novel it's in three parts but click those lovely purple buttons to get to each of them (or just go to the first one and navigate from there)

(Note: formatting does not match the book itself)


The hand in the graphic in the paperback copy is actually my hand.

The gap under the ring finger is from my wedding ring, which I probably could have taken off but didn't think of.

The wordcount of this novel is 45,000 (at the average reading speed, this would take approximate 4-5 hours to read)

The paperback page count is 217 (of which 195 is the story)

This book contains anxiety/panic attacks, references to sex work, and graphic depictions of violence

Anxiety/Panic Attacks: In Fear: Welcome To Second Chances (Ravi), Ravi suffers a combat/injury PTSD related panic attack.

References To Sex Work: Blue used to work as a Pleasure Bot in a Pleasure House. This is not depicted in any great detail but it comes up regularly throughout the novel.

Graphic Depictions Of Violence: There is fighting, characters get hurt and some characters may die because of these fights.

Honestly, I would have just gone with the white cover for everything but most websites are set to white backgrounds as default and I didn't want Welcome To Humanity to fade into the background so easily, so I figured: two covers.

White one for paperback, black one for eBook.