Merry Arlan: Finding The Heir

Pick up where Merry left off in book one.

Merry had never been a good liar. She is, however, adept at keeping secrets: she's been passing herself off as human for years.

But that ruse and her position as a Guardian Cadet are called into question when the ElvenQueen summons Merry to fulfil a role she ran away from years ago: Elven Lord.

If she wants out, she has to travel to the Elven Cout a viper's nest of lies and schemes that press against her unwilling bond with a lie-detecting, curse-breaking amulet to find a replacement before the upcoming Mid-Spring Ball.

To deal with the Court and the pain of returning to a house that was once her prison, Merry has to turn to the last person she would expect to help her.

And then assassins begin to strike at leaders on the Rubilse.

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The wordcount of this novel is approximate 65,000 words (At the average reading speed, this would take between 6 and 7 hours)

The page count of the paperback is 338 (of which 313 is the story)

This novel contains references to abuse, consensual intimate scenes, and graphic depictions of violence

References To Abuse: Merry's childhood guardian was abusive toward her and Merry spends some time thinking on/remembering some of that abuse in mostly vague terms.

Consensual Intimate Scenes: Merry and her love interest share kisses and welcome intimate touches. It is mostly described in emotion terms and would count as "fade to black" scenes.

Graphic Depictions Of Violence: People fight, people get hurt in those fights, people might die in those fights.